“The coronavirus will magically disappear, I hope”, says the current holder of The Oval Office. The numbers tell a different story as the majority of states spike in case numbers and rising death tolls continue. If the experts are concerned about the escalating numbers, then why does the current occupant of the office dismiss what is scientifically and statistically proven as fact? Also, why disavow the recommendations of other leaders, commentaries, and senior officials who advise making the wearing of masks mandatory? Oh, that’s right, the virus will miraculously disappear.

I mentioned in my previous article that leaders must set the example for others. If you are a leader, especially one that leads the country, then setting the example is not optional. When someone who carries so much influence enables others to progress down a path that is not conducive to the good will of its citizens, then it is time to make change and make it quickly. Yes, the elections are approaching, and it is definitely time.

Monuments to confederate soldiers who demonstrated ideologies that promoted slavery must be addressed. These monuments have been erected for many decades and yet it interesting to me that the mention of their past endeavors and practices have only come to the forefront as of late. Why did it take the death of a black man to bring all these past issues to the front of the line? Not that these issues were not addresses, but that it took a man’s life to make the world see and acknowledge what was hiding in place site.

I also mentioned in my previous article the dissenting rhetoric regarding the Black Lives Matter movement from the executive leadership. To make the public declaration that having “Black Lives Matter” written on the streets of Washington D.C. is a statement of hate is evident that this occupant is severely out of touch with the concerns of the citizens and is clearly only focused on his agenda for re-election. The issues of the country are clearly a secondary matter to his primary goal. Leadership establishes the strength of a country, but lack of leadership exposes its weakness.

Collaboration with a foreign power to deter or mitigate the interest of America is defined as a treasonous offense. It is not my position with this writing to make accusations regarding the “bromance” between our current occupant and the Russian President. It is, however, interesting that when Democratic intelligence petitions the court to review the Mueller report for its details, the White House displays astounding resistance to the exposure of the redacted sections. America wonders what is so detrimental that it warrants such actions. I know I do.

The occupant of The Oval cannot hope to cast a coin in his presidential wishing well and magically wish all these issues away or say, “Abracadabra, it’s gone.” The people have spoken and the call for action is demanded. The problem is that arrogance and ignorance, deceit and denial, misinformation and mismanagement are the strategies for which this campaign is operating in hopes of another term.

Could this be the onset of senility setting in? Are the numbers of deaths just a hallucination to the executive branch? Can the current occupant see the end of his reign of power closing in each day? It makes a person wonder if another term is achieved, will the devastation of this administration remain or is the worse yet to come. Continue to monitor the things that are happening around the country and you decide what leadership you want. The choice is yours.



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