Written by: Terry Budget

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive me for trying to write this article without laughing about the attention given to this main title. Listening to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, this title was broadcasted to the public as a potential truth about COVID-19 by Dr. Stella Emmanuel from Houston, Texas, and endorsed by the occupant of The Oval. She makes the claim that women can be physically impregnated in their dreams by demons or witches. She clarified that they are not really demons, but humans who can astral project and sleep with people. She further alleges that vaccines are being made from alien DNA as treatments. DEMON SPERM? I’m laughing hysterically as I write these statements.

That isn’t the most absurd component. What is problematic is that the occupant of The Oval Office gave credence to this individual. Then, with a straight face he commented, “I thought her voice was an important voice.” Now let’s be serious for a moment. When we consider the information that has been submitted and proven by real experts in the field of viruses and medicine, the proclamation of such an unsupported statement of demon sperm is laughable. Additionally, suggested remedies, which are in direct line with that of The Oval occupant, promotes the use of hydroxychloroquine as the cure for COVID-19; a drug that has been refuted as the cure by multiple scientific and medical experts.

Despite all scientific evidence regarding antibodies or possible vaccinations that prove a greater chance of success, the basis of his decisions has manifested into the ego-centric belief that he is the real authority on this matter. This belief is not rooted by the media, but by what appears to be his own admission. From his perspective, he is the smartest guy in the room regardless of the experience and expertise of medical professionals who do this for a living.

Speaking of being the “smartest” guy in the room, let’s explore the polling of approval numbers between the occupant of The Oval and the recognized authority on pandemics, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Why are the approvals for a renowned scientist higher than the President’s? Two words; TRUST and TRUTH. Dr. Fauci, who has been the voice of information, compassion, and reason, promotes his views based on science and expertise in his field. Has he been wrong at times, sure, but at least he owns it. That separates leaders from pretenders and garners respect from the nation. Now, what about the current holder of the seat of power? That is a different conversation.

“Nobody likes me”, is the complaint from his bully pulpit. These are the rants of a man-child who has secret insecurities about himself. He either cannot understand why he is not liked, or he is in complete denial of it. Continual lies and misinformation spoken to those who are affected by this virus cripples any credibility from the office from which it originates. The real question that should be asked is which is the greater threat, the pandemic outbreak across the country or the current pandemic occupying The Oval?

To be clear, I am not downplaying the institution of the presidency. Having served for over two decades in military, I have too great a respect for it. For this reason, I remain vigilant in my focus toward the actions of the “occupant” of the office, not the office itself. Leadership at the executive level has failed the American people, so let’s place the onus where it belongs.

I mentioned in my first book, The Leader’s Blueprint, that leadership begins with self-discovery. If you do not understand who you are as a person, then how can you exemplify true leadership? Most people can, for the most part, identify a fraud, yet others tend to need an encounter that affects them personally to reveal the truth hidden behind the proverbial mask. Leadership is founded on character; therefore, it must be protected especially when in a position of influence and when impacting people’s lives.

The United States surpassed the zenith of 150,000 deaths. Therefore, until real leadership assumes its proper role in dealing with it, the country will continue to spiral and could enter another economic depression. Then, low approval ratings will be the least of this occupant’s problems. Government has the responsibility to address the concerns of its citizens and meet their needs, especially in times of crisis. Therefore, claims by the executive branch should not be entertained unless supported by scientific fact, not unconfirmed speculation.

Lives are in the balance and the country is awaiting needed relief. Give the people what is needed to endure, not what you want to get re-elected because having a safe country “trumps” having a secured seat. No pun intended.





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