Trump Says He’s Improving Health Care. It Couldn’t Be Farther From the Truth.

SunTzu, author of The Art of War wrote, “All war is deception.” If we pay attention to the propaganda that is transmitted from the White House, specifically the holder of the Oval Office, we observe that most of the information generated from this body has been deceptive and contradictory to truth. To be clear, this writer represents no political party, but I address misleading information from federal leadership. This is the art of his presidential war.

Saturday, the Oval occupant signed several executive orders addressing multiple topics like the payroll tax and unemployment aid. He states these executive orders are of historic proportion and have been in the debating process for years and in some cases, decades. Really? Let’s take a look.

Trump instructed the U.S. Treasury to cease collection of payroll taxes from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 for workers who earning less than $4,000 every two weeks. Sounds good, but the catch is this will feel good for a few weeks because workers will get larger paychecks while the tax is not collected. This actual “tax deferral” means these taxes that pay for Medicare and social security will still be due in the future. This only applies to those getting a paycheck and is still only a temporary measure.

The Art of Presidential War

The unemployment aid bill which congress could not agree upon, the Oval occupant mentions that the Democratic party are the ones who are resistant to compromise and wish to hold the American people hostage by adding amendments to the package. His solution is to sign an executive order to give citizens $400 dollars a week for relief. In truth, the plan provides $300 dollars from the federal government and requires the independent states to provide the remaining 25%. Not all states have the funding to produce that extra $100 dollars due to pandemic impact and revenue shortages. Sounds more like a “plot” than a plan. Remember, all war is deception.

Doing well” with coronavirus in multiple states when death tolls pass 160,000 and more than five million cases in the United States is the position of the Executive Office. If the country is doing so well, then why do the case and death tolls continue rising exponentially? Perhaps the controversial comments stated are used to redirect the public’s attention from his astronomical failures in leadership and decision making.  His approval rating at last check remains at 36%. Go figure!

Further, the executive branch insists that mail-in ballots perpetuate an increased possibility of voter fraud and cripples the chances for his reelection. Never mind the fact that research proves that such assertions for mail-in ballots hindering a presidential election is historically untrue. His concept that the postal service would be unable to handle the complexity of so many ballots is unfounded. If this were the case, then why not allocate funding for them to hire more workers to deal with such a momentous undertaking?

Let’s address another condition regarding testing of the virus in America. Here is the executive deception using his elusive play on words. The Oval occupant says we have so many cases in the US because we do more testing, more so than any other country; therefore, we have identified more. That is logical and truly stated. He further states that if we did less testing, we would have fewer cases. WRONG! The truth is if we continue more tests, we will identify more cases, but if we slowed the testing down, the cases would still exist, they just would not be identified and made public. Pay attention to the wording; exists, identified, and made public.”

Further, for the “so-called” leader of the free world to resort to name calling toward his opponent in a nationally televised forum is loathsome; “Sleepy Joe and Crazy Nancy.” Leadership must uphold the ideals of respect and humility, honesty and integrity, compassion, and fortitude. The executive office should set a standard to where such activities are prohibited. Such frolics demonstrate a lack of professionalism, insecurity, mental impotence, and a complete disrespect for the office. These ravings are the desperate attempts of an ineffective mind and screams of panic for a White House resident who fears his powers slipping away.

As we approach the national conventions, we must adhere to the statements of each candidate and weigh their validity on the scales of balance and truth. Leaders take responsibility for their missteps and don’t deceive others in the process. With less than 90 days from the Presidential elections, the future decision of democracy rests in the hands of the people. Don’t be deceived because those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are bound to repeat them.



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