Editor Of The Atlantic Says More Info On Trump’s Veteran Comments Is Coming

The success or failure of a leader is measured by the degree of impact for the decisions he or she makes on a group or a society. The United States made the decision to elect its leaders with the intention of them upholding the ideals and principles as stipulated by the Constitution’s introduction of “We the People.” Unfortunately, those choices may not always produce the desired result.

The position designated as the seat of American power has only been bestowed upon 45 men since the nation’s inception. Though some have met the standard and others exceeded it, there is but one whom we shall designate as the “incompetent incumbent.” Scandal, division, racism, fraud, deceit, and self-indulgence enshroud the term of this current Oval occupant. The disconcerting rhetoric produced by this incumbent exhibits a deficiency in his ability to comprehend information and exert sound judgement that represents the best interest of the country.

Mentioned in previous articles is his massively horrendous need to be praised and admired by the populous. Self-adoration and validation are his preamble for those who follow and agree with his messaging regardless of how far-fetched, sarcastic, or erroneous. True leadership is its own validator and does not need to seek praise; it comes automatically from those who truly recognize it. So, when did the soul of democracy transition from “We the People” to “I, Donald Trump?”

To be clear, this and previous articles are not intended to designate the pros or cons of one political party’s views over another. In fact, this is not about a party perspective, but a failure in leadership. What does it say to you when current and former members of one’s own party support the ideals of the other? Is it division within the party, or their distancing from a pompous persona? Perhaps the latter! We can look back at the imposed nuances that have plagued this country and diminished our symbolic standings with other nations. What do we represent now? Our global reputation has transformed from the epitome of freedom to the epitaph of fraud. The world that once looked upon us as a bright beacon, now sees us in a brutal battle; The People vs. Donald J. Trump.

Much attention has been given to the Democratic National Convention, specifically toward the speakers during its four-day presentation to the nation. Republican leaders have also expressed their concerns over the lack of leadership from this White House resident and his failure to unite the country amidst dire circumstances. Each having their respective views, the nation must look at the character of the leader as well as their actions; not just what they say, but also what they do.

This powerful office that was once viewed with reverence has digressed into a cubicle of revulsion. Prime example, his intent of hindering citizens from exercising their right to vote by mail-in ballot. Fearing the results of the upcoming election reveals personal awareness of his inadequacies. These exploits represent a deliberate and defiant endeavor to fight the relinquishment of power should he lose. Never has such perverse attempts to conflict with constitutional law reared its head in a democratic society where the people decide the leader. We as voting citizens should be more mindful of repeated election interference from external forces which might change the course of history rather than his unfounded ravings. Russia sound familiar? Talk about your high crimes and misdemeanors!

Most recently, the alleged statements of the President produced by The Atlantic, asserts those veterans who died or were captured during combat were “losers” and “suckers.” As the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, such degrading verbiage is unbecoming of a national leader and represents a failure of compassion and respect for those who have paid the ultimate price. This repulsive and sordid declaration provides a look into the skewed mentality and ideology of a leader whose thoughts greatly conflict with those of the nation they defended.

If this is a precursor to the society we will endure should the current holder of the Executive Office remain in power, then we will have to consider changing the official title from “Commander in Chief” to “Commander in Cheat.” I am aware there are those who challenge my assessment of the current US President’s tenure and I respect your disagreement, but I will say rather than challenge my assessment of Mr. Trump’s incompetency and menial leadership capacity, ask the 190,000+ of your fellow citizens who died from COVID-19 or died on the battlefield if his decision to ignite his base instead of leading the nation to recovery would have made a difference for their families. Exercise your right to vote because you are “THE PEOPLE.”

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