Written By: Terry Budget

As leaders, we assess current and potential situations that may occur. Here is a situation that was possible, but not realty expected; the President contracted COVID-19. Rather than immediately address matters that spurn concern for the nation, let’s take this opportunity to wish him well and a speedy recovery because regardless of personal or political views, Donald Trump is still the President and is now a part of the millions across the country who are infected. We cannot forget about the first lady in this matter as she is a part of the equation.

This pandemic spread has been downplayed by this administration for months with his comments, “we are rounding the curve.” Given this current situation, the implication and severity of this virus spread just became more REAL. The nation hasn’t experienced a situation of this magnitude regarding the President’s life since the 1981 attempted assassination of late President Ronald Regan. Deterioration of a President’s health can spark long-term ramifications and potential actions from other countries to take advantage of it. It is always in the best interest of leadership to ensure a continuity of government should his status take a turn for the worst.

My question is who failed to protect the nation’s leader? With the increase of virus spikes in multiple parts of the country, how is that his security and medical detail failed to ensure or, for that matter, insist that he wear the mask to remain as shielded as possible? Could it be that he was more concerned about the optics rather than adhering to safety protocols? Unfortunately, that decision was not a safe gamble. His contraction is evidence that no one, regardless of position, ethnic group, or economic status is impervious or immune from this disease. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Perhaps he will take the matter into a more serious frame of thought and redirect his focus on creating a plan to attack this virus. You will notice that his directive to the West Wing staff was to minimize or stop altogether, the wearing of the masks. I suppose it took the President’s condition to make them see the futility of this effort; they all wear masks now. This simple practice could have prevented this spread to other senior congress officials and WH aides. I hope that now they understand the impact of this disease now that it has hit so close to home.

With the COVID-19 tracking and tracing processes, the challenge remains to determine when he contracted the virus, from whom, and how many came into direct contact with him and his staff. What about the Republican Senators with whom he met with in the previous week who tested positive? Did Trump’s Supreme Court nomination produce a “super spreader” event? I go back to my former question of who failed to protect him? If the President was in an open forum and everyone is not tested, the logical course of action at a minimum is to ensure everyone wore a mask. Oh yeah, I forgot…the optics!

Here is a question to consider. What happens if his condition worsens? This close to an election period creates cause for alarm for this administration. If the goal is to retain the Oval, then how will he campaign? An additional problem, which the country has not forgotten is the matter of his failure to denounce the White Supremacist movement. When leaders place their character in question amongst those who they are accountable to, they set a precedence with their belief systems and exhibit an image to external entities who watch their actions.

I wrote in my book, The Leader’s Blueprint, “You are always on stage.” Everything you do as a leader whether public or private becomes the business of those who follow you. They want to know if you live up to the words you speak. Unfortunately, the words spoken by this president remain controversial from one day to the next. Americans as a whole demand honesty and truth from its leader. It is unfathomable that even when words spoken by so-called leaders are proven to be lies, some refuse to believe it. This provides a glimpse into the character and philosophies of those who chose to dismiss truth in efforts to achieve their own personal and sometimes corporate agendas.

This virus is real, and we need to accept the fact that protocols exist for our safety, not as inhibitors to our liberties. Those who chose to rebuff a practice that ensures our safety, I would urge you to reconsider your ideas. As stated, this virus doesn’t care about your status or your belief systems. It only wants to do what it is designed to do; invade and destroy. The virus is real!



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