Written by Terry Budget

What has the Congressional leadership become? Party against party agendas seems to have become the skirmish of a free election process. No! Wait! This isn’t about a feud between idealistic principles and agendas. It is the brawl to remain a free society. The United States does not lend itself to the acceptance of practices and rhetoric of a leader who desires to extend his prowess and authoritative ambitions through a strategy of intimidation and misinformation. The law says we can vote the in person or by mail.

Free elections are the pinnacle of what a democracy represents. The intent to manipulate the election process by a sitting president is the very definition of an autocrat. Never has this nation endured such transgressions from an elected official placed in the highest seat of power. I wrote in my first book, The Leader’s Blueprint, “Your performance is a testament to your character and attitude.” To insinuate that the American voter who mails in a ballot is the product of a rigged election gives insight to his mental inferiority and degree of character deficiency.

“Get rid of the ballots and there will be a continuation of power” is the tactical offense by this administration. Their objective is to instill fear in the American voter and promote a level of acrimony towards the electoral process. By public admission, Mr. Trump will not commit to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the upcoming election. No president in history has promoted this idea of such dark and deceitful pomposity in the attempt to delegitimize this Constitutional event.

“VOTE HIM OUT!” This shout of distain and demonstration of protest from the public attests to the demeanor of a leader who not only insults the American culture but projects a substantial loss of integrity to the Presidential Office and the Department of Justice. His objective to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice during a lame duck session is evident to his diabolical plan to retain the position of power should the electoral college determine not to be in his favor.

If you recall, Mr. Trump opined during President Obama’s last year in office that the new appointed Justice of the Supreme Court should fall to the next elected President of the United States. The same assessment was provided by Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. How ironic that both their positions on this matter changed when their positions of power are threatened. It is reasonable to suspect that Mr. Trump and his team of attorneys intend to litigate their case to the highest court upon this new Justice’s appointment and after the election results return. This is no longer a fight between candidates, but an all-out struggle to keep democracy intact.

No proof of fraud has been presented to the scale that Mr. Trump insinuates. Could this concentration of effort to retain power be attributed to the fact that he has failed the American people to such an extent that he realizes the only way to remain a resident of The Oval Office is though manipulation, intimidation, coercion, false claims, and fear? Perhaps he feels that those who support his practices and elevate his messaging are too blind to know the difference. The truth is that America is much smarter than he gives credit. It is safe to say based on recent actions and publicized statements that Donald Trump is in full panic mode because polls demonstrate the increasing separation between him and his opponent.

I recall many times where Mr. Trump emphasizes that if he is not elected, his Democratic opponent will surrender to the Coronavirus. Over 200,000+ American deaths could contend that this White House resident has already surrendered. Leaders understand their shortfalls and surround themselves with

others who are strong in areas they are weak. Additionally, they listen to sound recommendations from experts in their respective fields of study. My question is if he is surrounded by experts, why isn’t he listening? This phase is no longer about the elimination of the pandemic, but the ambition of power. And guess what; we are the ones who suffer and pay for that ambition.

Your vote matters! Your ballot matters! Pay no attention to the claims of that the election is rigged by mail-in ballots. This is a feeble attempt by an individual who attempts to remove your ability to express your desires in determining who you want to represent you in a free society. The answer to the attempts of suppression of your vote is “NO MORE”. You must submit your ballots, demand that your vote is counted, and make your voice heard. The struggle for democracy is at stake. Don’t be absent when it counts the most. VOTE NOW!



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