Written By: Terry Budget

What is the real secret behind the activities of the current occupant of The Oval? One could conclude that the agenda is to create an autocratic government or one that mirrors the concept of the previously overthrown Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein. The nation is experiencing traumatic events under the current administration which expresses condescension, misinformation, totalitarian tendencies, and more so, the acquisition of power.

Consider the matter of condescension towards the recent Black Lives Matter movement. Adjacent to the White House is the mantra of the movement illustrated in yellow paint. This demonstrates the frustration of the African American community regarding the continual unfair treatment exhibited by some law enforcement officers around the country. It would appear based on the latest comments of the current press secretary that police have the right to defend themselves against potential assailants. While this is true, they don’t have the right to use excessive force against individuals who are not demonstrating illegal activity nor showing action that displays clear and present danger to the officer.

Now, that mantra is painted on New York’s Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower to illustrate the progression and support of the movement. This is not projecting an image of hate as the current occupant has stated, but an ideology that protests the current activities and dark history of which this country has expounded. This is a scream to protest racial injustice and an awakening to those who would close their eyes to its existence. The occupant of The Oval’s position is that this mantra “denigrates this luxurious avenue.” If he paid attention, this situation is not something new, it is just now in the news. Therefore, what is his real agenda?

Misinformation seems to be the modus operandi of leadership for this administration. Is this the outline within the President’s book of secrets? Is this how the occupant hopes to retain power? What about dealing with the COVID-19 problem that riddles this nation? The comments, “We are in a good place”, echo across the states as more that 130,000 citizens died resulting from late responses to notification of the virus and aggressive reopening of businesses against expert recommendations. Was this the agenda all along? 130,000 plus dead; are we still in a good place?

The United States has befallen to a projected image of incompetence. This is not a failure in national effort, but an inept executive leadership. Consider the spikes in the pandemic spread in states that followed the instructions of this branch. Noted increases of death and hospitalization in record numbers have surpassed the ones given since the beginning of the pandemic. “Masks are recommended by not required” and “We have the situation handled”, utters the executive branch. The numbers, like the Black Lives Matter mantra, “paint” a different picture.

Power is a strong aphrodisiac and intimidator. George Bernard Shaw said, “Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.” These words resonate during these troubling times when the sole agenda of The Oval occupant is focused on retaining and abusing it. That campaign going toward the November election seems to be targeted on racial division rather than national cohesion. This totalitarian tendency mirrors that of the German initiative of the 1940’s. If an autocratic government is the secret goal within the campaign, it is being exposed to the country through his claims of absolute immunity from prosecution or subpoena. The truth is revealed by the Supreme Court ruling stating that the current occupant is NOT above the law.

The United States has the allure of national freedom and the expression of a democratic society where the people have the power. For this reason, immigrants risk life and limb to reach these borders with the dream of having a fair chance to live without oppression and enjoy the fundamental principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as expressed in the US Constitution. It appears over the last few years that this dream has become merely an illusion. What is the mystery behind this occurrence? What don’t we know?

Ah yes, perhaps Mary Trump holds the access to the President’s book of secrets which will be release July 28th. It will be interesting to learn the psychology of a man who seeks to elevate his own political agenda and quash those who would dare challenge his authority. What does he not want us to know? Question: What secrets could have been exposed had Roger Stone not been pardoned? The journey into the mind of a narcissist is about to be explored. Stay tuned as secrets to the President’s book are revealed.



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