The Election Interference Is Coming From Inside the White House

Written by: Terry Budget

Now we’ve learned the truth that has been lurking in the background. What was suspected by the American public about COVID-19 has now been verified; HE KNEW! What does this revelation state about the so-called leader of the free world? Was it in the best interest of the American population to keep us in the dark? I can understand there are some matters of national security that the nation cannot be made aware of. However, when a situation of epic proportions can make an impact on a global scale and administer untold devastation, then we need to know the truth. If for no other reason than to prepare for it and guard against it.

What has been the true cost of this deception? Could it be the 195,000+ deaths that ride on his shoulders because he failed to act accordingly? By direct admission, this Oval occupant stated his awareness of the lethality of the virus and intentionally downplayed it to the nation. The sad part is that the country heard the audio of his admission and some dismissed it as trivial. If we are a nation of individuals who hear these falsities and misdirection, yet continue to act irresponsibly, what does that say about us? What does is say about the presumed leader who lies continually and knows the citizens will believe it? Leaning towards autocracy?

The essence and leadership of a person is built upon their character. When you promote an ideology that does not represent the best interest of the people that you lead and generates violence and division, then you are self-absorbed, incompetent, or have hidden agendas. Such practices exemplify the mindset of a leader who nullifies the office for which they were elected.

Let’s further illustrate the point and consider his idea of voting twice. Every state understands that it is a felony to vote twice in one election. As I understand it, it is a felony to promote or encourage others to perform the act. The current resident of the White House makes continual references to the concept of testing the mail-in voting process by doing this atrocity. The insinuation of voter fraud is high on his priority list and seconded by the US Attorney General, William Barr. When asked about the law regarding multiple votes in a single election, Mr. Barr’s response was, “I don’t know the law of each state.” I’m confused. If this is a federal law that is nationally understood to be illegal and you are the US Attorney General, how do you not know?

Over the past week, multiple releases of informative books have hit the selves of stores, Kindle, and other media locations attesting to first hand accounts of deception, lies, slanderous remarks, and manipulations by those who were deeply rooted in his inner circle. All this information that appears to be consistent with explaining his lack of morality and ethics to include his aim to win a second term, can we honestly say that everything that was stated in the reading material is not aligned with the activities and persona he projects on a daily basis? Pay close attention to those who do not agree with him and how he blatantly goes on the attack to discredit those same individuals he personally revered in previous months.

As a former military service member, I take personally the insults of “loser” and “suckers” which were allegedly stated by the current Commander in Chief in reference to military veterans and those who paid the ultimate price for freedom. If we look back in previous speeches and interviews, it is not a difficult challenge to discover a common theme in his use of verbiage as we address this subject. His response was that he never said it, but his past illustrates a higher likelihood that he did. We could consider this to be his personal true lies.

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote, “It is better to outthink your opponent than to out fight him.” Given the current situation of the Pandemic and the civil unrest of the American population regarding social injustice, we now become the opponent of this current occupant of the Oval office. If we are unable to see and correct the dogma of lies and the consistent mishandling of matters which are destroying the fabric of our society, then what happens thereafter is of our own choosing. Are we any better off now than we were four years ago? Today is the time for unification and boldness. “United we stand; divided we fall” is the creed of this nation. Will we decide to make truth our mantra? Or will we just settle back into a mentality of believing someone’s “TRUE LIES?”

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