Written By: Terry Budget

Has the Trump Administration’s authority become so egregious that they dispatch federal officers to police their own citizens without any requisition from local levels to do so? Never mind the fact that the tactical approach to this disturbing activity is to adorn them in military attire minus any form of identification or organizational affiliation. The placement of “POLICE” written across their camouflaged protective gear is indicative of the armed forces’ standard practices. Abducting citizens off the street like a thief in the night without probable cause is not the mandated action stipulated in federal policies. Such actions dangerously resemble that of what is referred to as “Posse Comitatus.”

The occupant of The Oval office has demonstrated the persona of autocratic behavior and presumes that his executive power is absolute. Perhaps his intent is to campaign on the platform that he is untouchable as the nation’s representative and assert declarations which may impede the voting protocols stipulated by law in the upcoming elections. If such endeavors are enacted and unchallenged, they compose a direct violation of constitutional principles by which the United States is governed. Fortunately, his antics are under close monitoring; attracting the attention of the Democratic party which insists that these pursuits are unjust.

Could all these demonstrations be the prelude to the creation of a militia within the states which support his rhetoric? Understand, this question does not insinuate that his objective is to incite a civil war or perpetuate the idea that this is his method to intimidate voters to secure the election in November. What it does denote is the unnecessary use of those external forces to deal with the state’s internal matters. Fear and division seem to be the mechanisms for which this administration rests its hopes to retain power. This is the expression of tyranny at large.

Remaining focused on what appears to be totalitarian efforts, consider the continued level of misinformation regarding the pandemic by this occupant of The Oval. The continuing false statements regarding the country’s status in testing and handling of the virus is overwhelming. Even with these misleading statements, his own administration was forced to look at the facts based on public outcry and expert documentation. To this end, his Jacksonville Convention was canceled. He mentioned at his press conference that he told his team, “It was not a good time with the recent flare-up in Florida and I must protect the American people.” REALLY? Despite his drastically decreasing polling numbers, his campaign team had to face reality due to uprising cases and spiking virus spread.

The Trump campaign team could modify their narrative promoting its cancellation as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership or because of the local governor’s likely refusal to lift orders for mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing; a protocol undesired by Trump. While the latter plays a basis in truth, the likelihood of infectious spread at such an event significantly increases and perpetuates the likely rising number of deaths in that city. He can place his own life at risk, but his drive of placing other citizens, even his supporters at risk is epic. Let’s be honest, he’s done it before in Tulsa. Perhaps for a person who loves the cheering crowds, basks in the spotlight of fame, and drowns in his own egocentric philosophy, a few lives lost is not a big price to pay to secure power.

This nation is in desperate need of genuine leadership. A leader who can address the problems plaguing this country, not an incompetent and insensitive autocrat who turned the team of experts under his direction into a complete debacle. Let’s just call it what it is, COVID-19 is winning because of this occupants’ failures in leadership and decision making. Leaders in government have the primary obligation to solidify the safety and welfare of the citizens. They cannot abdicate that responsibility in lieu of their own personal agenda. Leaders work for the people, not the other way around. This is a democracy, not a totalitarian government. The people MUST come first.

There is a Proverb that I love, “The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to counsel.” This should become part of the mantra for the Presidential Oath of Office because only tyrants believe their way is the only path. America can be great when we all work together toward a common goal. It is when a person believes they can exert undue control over the masses without objection that democracy collapses. Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? Ask yourself this important question, “Who am I following?” We’ll see in November.


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